Welcome to Drummond Study Centre

This video captures the speakers and the buzz of the gathering to launch the new Drummond project on 16 April 2023.
This flythrough of the new Drummond was created by Point Architects under the direction of Edgar Grech, the architect of the project.

Drummond is lively but also formative, and challenging…

Drummond is lively but also formative, and challenging… if you rate people over things, if you can roll up your sleeves to help others, if you are not scared of long hours at your studies, and if you have a passion for what is truly beautiful not shiny, cheap and nasty, you will relish what you find at Drummond

Drummond organises leadership programs…

We organise leadership programs with guest speakers, regular study and tutoring days, community service initiatives, sport and camps. In addition there are frequent activities aimed at deepening understanding and practice of the Catholic faith, such as the weekly Friday 6pm meditation for university students led by our chaplain, apologetics workshops each term, and retreat weekends.

Reputation for helping others…

Drummond students have a reputation for helping others, from masterminding billy cart making in the Ventura program, to tutoring VCE students, to playing dominoes with residents of a nursing home, to lugging cement in a service project in a Fijian village. We grow through giving of ourselves.

Drummond students help others. Whether in our Saturday programs for high school students, or pushing a construction wheelbarrow on a Fijian work camp, or ladling soup for the local homeless, there are plenty of opportunities.