Saturday Activities.

  • Each Saturday morning study with tutorial assistance is offered by university students. There is a meditation led by Fr Tom each week at 2pm.
  • Community service activities are scheduled monthly on Saturday afternoons.
  • Senior high schoolers are also welcome to occasional Friday night guest speakers and Classics of Cinema evenings.
  • We will be tapping into the Big Picture Program in July in Sydney, a spectacularly successful leadership/university orientation program pitched at senior high school, following up with monthly guest speakers here in Melbourne over the second half of the year.
  • Owning to coronavirus, some of these activities have been postponed, or replaced by streamed activities. Please contact Louie (0423 396 297) for updated information.

The Big Picture Program

The Big Picture Program, runs in July, helping Year 10 and 11 students see their high school years from the viewpoint of their entire life. It encourages them to develop now the skills and attitudes they will need for the challenges of life ahead. Through a combination of classes, presentations, and one-on-one mentoring, the Big Picture Program teaches participants to be men of character who are ready for responsibility in society. The five-day workshop will be held at Castlereagh Christian Conference Centre, Castlereagh. The conference provides the bulk of the program's content, consisting of a series of talks, workshops, forums and other activities, including day trips to Sydney CBD and Warrane College of the University of New South Wales. The Christian orientation of their activities is the responsibility of Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

For further information, including details on how to apply for the program, please visit the Big Picture Program website