During coronavirus times, university activities are being streamed. Enquiries to Louie (0423 396 297).

Friday evenings

Weekly meditation for university students 6pm meditation on Fridays, conducted by Fr Tom Gibson, followed by dinner for those who can stay. Bring a $10 contribution.

Afterwards, depending on the week, you could find yourself in the Drummond Classics of Cinema evening, an occasional film club that views and discusses cinema classics old and new led by some expert commentary. The goal is to foster a genuine appreciation of what is great in cinema as opposed to what is all show and no substance, not to mention the morally destructive. Or you may find there is a guest speaker. On other nights we go out for live music, or solve the world's problems in debate!

Apologetics workshops

Faith and Philosophy Seminars

Recent topics have included:

  • Demonstrating the existence of God.
  • Principles of Bioethics.
  • The myth that science and faith are in conflict.

Speakers at other recent workshops have included:

  • Peter Elliston told the story of his discovery of the Catholic faith, and of how he, then later his family, all were received into the Church.
  • Dr Conor Sweeney of the John Paul II Institute spoke on Sacraments.
  • Kevin Bailey, former High Commissioner for East Timor and now Chairman of Parousia Media, on making the most of our days to spread our faith.
  • Natasha Peart, a young mum of three, telling the amazing story of her conversion.
  • Andrew Milne, lawyer, dad and Kiwi, talking of what drew him to the Catholic faith.
  • Catholic Voices running a workshop on how to talk about our faith.

Indoor soccer

Join the Drummond indoor soccer team playing in Monday night competition. Enquiries to Louie (0423 396 297).


Faith and Philosophy. Existence of God.
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Faith and Philosophy. Free Will.

Here is a link to the clip produced at a Drummond media workshop conducted by Ray Isla.

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